Being a sporting parent or grassroots coach in club sport can be fantastic.

Considering the right pathway while the dropout rate is a staggering 60% is problematic.

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Parents & Coaches

The foundation for young athletes long-term engagement in sport is intrinsic motivation. If you find that you must push your athletes, they may already consider leaving the sport.

The thinking process of youth leaving sport is a collection of experiences.

We will help YOU create a thriving environment.

Can you see enjoyment in their play?





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#050 Off the Pitch with Active: Ken talking to 17 professionals from around the world about the best environment for youth in sport.



Perspective on youth sport: 3 part series released

- Ken, Off the Pitch with Active Host


Thank you for the session,

I found it was informative and it raised some good topics as well as questions for discussion. I enjoyed that it was more a session that we could all contribute to getting various perspectives. 

I think this sort of thing would be beneficial for parents, coaches and players as it covers aspects that affect all of them and can bring light on how certain behaviours affect and have a flow on effect on everyone, but most importantly the kids.

Thank you

- Martin Lara, U9 Coach & Parent

What you do for the sport Ken is amazing, your presentation hit home and made me realise it’s about having fun with the kids which will make me a better coach along the way.

Thank You!

- Chad Quinn, Parent & Coach

I enjoyed this chat with Ken. We seem to be on the same page. He has a great program and being the technical director of a local soccer club, I will make sure all the junior’s coaches/teachers and parents, will attend his seminars & workshops at our club. We will all benefit from listening to him.

- Diego Pellegrini, TD Eastern United Football Club & Owner Eastern United Academy

What are leaders saying?

Joey Peters, Ex Matilda's (110 games) & founder of Game Play Learn (GPL)

GPL value protecting a space where kids can explore their unique potential. We can have the best intention to help kids by instructing and critiquing them, but don't they love it most when we are present and relaxed just watching them play. This is why GPL is proud to be a partner with Yellow for Yelling in South Australia in this important initiative to keep kids in sport.

Gordon MacLelland, CEO Working With Parents in Sport

"We are delighted to be bringing our resource to South Australia. We are supporting the “Yellow for Yelling” campaign and wanting to improve sideline behaviour as well as many other areas in supporting parents in the complexities of children's sport."

Coach Reed Maltbie-Founder Raising Excellence, The Coaches REALM & TEDx speaker "Echoes beyond the game"

"It is so exciting to work with Ken Willner and his Yellow for Yelling program. This program is a real game changer for helping parents and coaches in Australia develop a more engaging sport atmosphere for players that will keep them in sport longer and loving it. I am honored to join Ken in spreading the power of his message."

Marcos Flores, Co-founder Adelaide Atletico-Yellow for Yelling Ambassador & Johnny Warren MVP A-League 2010/11

“I proudly support Yellow for Yelling on their vision of creating the best possible environment for children, a place where they can express and learn the game by joy, respect and love. I love this game and I want them to play it smiling”