Being a sporting parent or a

grassroots coach in club sport

can be fantasticConsidering

the best pathways while the

drop-out rate is a staggering

55% is problematic.

Marcos Flores

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Yellow for Yellings objective is to increase the retention rate in sport of children between ages 13-17, by 50% by 2025


What are leaders saying?

Joey Peters, Ex Matilda's (110 games) & founder of Game Play Learn (GPL)

GPL value protecting a space where kids can explore their unique potential. We can have the best intention to help kids by instructing and critiquing them, but don't they love it most when we are present and relaxed just watching them play. This is why GPL is proud to be  partner with Yellow for Yelling in South Australia in this important innitiative to keep kids in sport.


Gordon MacLelland, CEO Working With Parents in Sport

"We are delighted to be bringing our resource to South Australia. We are supporting the “Yellow for Yelling” campaign and wanting to improve sideline behaviour as well as many other areas in supporting parents in the complexities of children's sport."

Marcos Flores Yellow for Yelling Ambassador and Captain of Adelaide City FC & Johnny Warren MVP A-League 2010/11

“I proudly support Yellow for Yelling on their vision of creating the best possible environment for children, a place where they can express and learn the game by joy, respect and love. I love this game and I want them to play it smiling”


Michael Matricciani, High Performance Coach Australian College of Sport, Head coach Adelaide City NPL.

"Local sporting organisations are the perfect environment for young people to be active, stay discipline within a team and most importantly learn social skills. Kids love sport, but one of the highest reasons for kids leaving the game is, adults. Yellow for Yelling is a great program designed to educate parents in sport and allow kids to enjoy, have fun and play free."

Coach Reed Maltbie-Founder Raising Excellence, The Coaches REALM & TEDx speaker "Echoes beyond the game"

"It is so exciting to work with Ken Willner and his Yellow for Yelling program. This program is a real game changer for helping parents and coaches in Australia develop a more engaging sport atmosphere for players that will keep them in sport longer and loving it. I am honored to join Ken in spreading the power of his message."

John O'Sullivan, Founder Changing the Game Project, Host on Way of Champions, Author of 3 books & TEDx & International Speaker

"Thank you for your hard work on behalf of kids. It is probably a kid out there who you won’t meet who are thankful because you yellow carded their dad."

Trevor Ragan, Founder TrainUgly & Learner Lab TEDx speaker on Fear and Learning

"I truly believe sports can be a great teacher for people of all ages and anything to help create a better environment to love the game and enjoy playing, I support. I really believe this program (Yellow for Yelling) can help to make sport just a little bit better for everybody."

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Yellow for Yelling Card Sponsor

Thanks! Raff Frisina for making the move to become a Yellow for Yelling card sponsor.

Website: Click here


The Yellow for Yelling card is a critical, disruptive component. It connects parents with helpful information from professionals how to best support their children in sport while watching them in action.

Do you want to become a sponsor and help influence the environment for children in sport so they don't leave? Just contact Yellow for Yelling.

Yellow for Yelling Card Sponsor

Thanks! Steve Whitehead for making the move to become a Yellow for Yelling card sponsor.

Website: Click here



Yellow for Yelling Card Sponsor

Thanks! Diego Pellegrini for making the move to become the first Yellow for Yelling card sponsor.


Looking for ideas on how you can support your child better?

This pocket guide by Gordon MacLelland is written for YOU

You do want your child to enjoy and if possible, excel at sport, but you don't want to be one of "those" parents. The one that other parents avoid on the sideline. The one that is an embarrassment for their child and for themselves.

You want to be supportive, encouraging and the type of parent whose child runs to you joyfully at the end of the match, regardless of the result.

The Do's & Don'ts in this book just might help you be the sporting parent you want to be.

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