Youth sport from

a different lens

Founder: Active Illustrated & Yellow for Yelling

My youth sport experience, as a child in Sweden and father in Australia, is like most parents. Parents who have enjoyed a large part of their life in sport.

I was never good enough to reach a high level. But I was fortunate to have great health and collected many great memories over my past 50+ years in sport.

For the past 20 years as a dad and past 7 as a youth sport photographer I developed a new purpose. This purpose sent me on a new journey. A journey helping people to create an environment where youth can thrive and remain in sport.

Ken Willner



Increase the retention rate in sport for children from ages 13-17.


An environment where children thrive in play. They enjoy the experience of developing a passion for sport and life.




Share knowledge from professionals in youth sport to:

  • Educate

  • Encourage mindfulness

  • Provide practical solutions, which allow youth to thrive in sport and life.




Respect and work with established values and programs implemented by schools and organisations.



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