Coming together is a beginning

Staying together is progress

and working together is success

Henry Ford

Working with Parents in Sport (WWPIS)

Gordon MacLelland is CEO of WWPIS, a UK based organisation providing services in UK, Europe, North America & Australia.

He has a BA/Hons degree in Sports Science from University College Chester and also a Post Graduate Degree in Education.

He is the author of two books, ‘Great Sports Parenting’ & Engage’.  Engage is co-authored with Reed Maltbie).

WWPIS, works with a number of leading sports organisations including, Youth Sports Trust, UK Coaching, England Rugby, Basketball England, Cricket Scotland, Sport Northern Ireland, Soccer Nova Scotia Canada, Little Athletics and Triathlon NSW & Yellow for Yelling to name a few.

Features in "Off the Pitch with Active" in podcast episodes;

#002 Gordon MacLelland

#022 Gordon MacLelland & Darren Wensor (Little Athletics NSW)

Raising Excellence

Reed Maltbie,  has 30 years of experience as an educator/coach with Masters’ degrees in both Sport Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Reed offers a wealth of practical and science-based experience to help coaches lead athletes to excel in sports and beyond.

Reed is co-creator of Positive Discipline Tools for coaches with Dr. Jane Nelsen, and co-founder of the GO! Raise Excellence Think Tank to improve youth sport with Ruth Nicholson.

Since the release of his TEDx talk “Echoes Beyond the Game,” he has become a trusted educator and advisor to sports organizations worldwide. He has worked with organisations such as US Hockey, US Sailing, US Youth Soccer, England Sevens, Canadian PGA amongst many others.

Features in "Off the Pitch with Active" in podcast episodes;

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#025 Reed Maltbie-Positive Discipline Tools & helping coaches to communicate better with their players

Game Play Learn (GPL)

Joey Peters, a former Matilda player who represented Australia in 3 World Cups and one Olympic Games, is also the founder of GPL.

After retiring from Playing Professional Football in 2009, Joey has continued her passion for sport in the coaching space with experience in Grassroots to              Professional Learning Environments attaining C, B and A, Advanced Coaching    Licenses through Asia (AFC) and Australian (FFA). Peters has now developed her own Coaching Methodology GAME PLAY LEARN which ‘Hides Learning In FUN’ and provides dynamic, motivating learning environments to Inspire and Nurture Potential.

Now part of the FFA XI

Features in "Off the Pitch with Active" in podcast episodes;

#026 Joey Peters, Former Matilda's & founder of GPL


Marcos Flores, Yellow for Yelling Director and Ambassador. Over 16 years as a professional soccer player, Marcos played in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Indonesia & USA. He signed for the A-League club Adelaide United where he achieved the player of the year in the A-League (2011-Johnny Warren Medallist).

He is the founder of PTA, with the philosophy to focus on the small details of life that are reflected on chasing your dreams with a ball on the green grass. Few people are as passionate about helping children and making football affordable for all.

Features in "Off the Pitch with Active" in podcast episodes;

#029 Marcos Flores-Bring your guernsey and come to my office

External Advisor

We are extremely pleased that Mark O'Sullivan accepted the role of external advisor for Yellow for Yelling.


Mark O’Sullivan, PhD Researcher, Coach & Coach Educator

Mark is a UEFA A licensed coach and is head of youth development for 8-12 at AIK in Stockholm, Sweden and is part of their Research and Development Department. Mark is currently doing a PhD Research at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, which centres around designing learning environments in youth football.

Mark has also worked as a consultant for the Canadian FA (2017) helping them to develop their new coach education program. He regularly holds lectures, talks and practical sessions around the world. Not just confined to soccer Mark has collaborated with coaches in Basketball, Handball, Floorball, Figure Skating and Ice Hockey.

Mark’s area of research is in pedagogy and designing motivational climates in youth sport underpinned by an ecological approach to learning in development.

Features in "Off the Pitch with Active" in podcast episodes;

#012 Marc O'Sullivan-Perception and how important it is to understand your players

#032 Marc O'Sullivan-AIK's 3 principles

Local Community team


  • Primary School Teacher

    Bryce Wait is one of the most passionate primary school teachers I have met. I am lucky because he taught my daughter in junior/primary. ALL parents were disappointed when he transferred to another school. He is also passionate about volleyball and his enthusiasm and endless energy have created a “challenge” with too many kids signing up.

    He is a valuable collaborator for Yellow for Yelling.



  • Students

    How can we recommend what young people need, if we don’t involve them. We are looking for more students with a voice advocating for youth sport. Here are a few who wanted to make a difference (of course with their parents approval)

    Ben is a year 8 student.

    Currently he is enrolled on the Australian Rules Football Academy (ARFA) at school. Outside of school he plays U14 soccer and is enrolled on the emerging talent program run by Volleyball SA.

    Previously he has represented the local district in the Oakbank cross country carnival through SAPSASA. SAPSASA touch rugby & SAPSASA Athletics

    Ferguson is a keen basketballer (short bio will come soon)

    Lucy Benn, Year 10, have 2 years in SAP programs representing SA in the IGSSA National in year 9, played open age for school year 8.


  • Mental Health Professional

    Gary Ledson is an AFC Level 1 Futsal Coach and C licensed Football coach. He has over 15 years coaching experience in juniors across various clubs, and State Futsal teams. This also includes school coaching programs and skills acquisition programs. Most recently he coached the State Adults with Disability Futsal team to the final of the National Futsal Championships.

    Gary has many years of experience working with young people in mental health and in recent years he has also worked in Adult Mental Health.

    He is currently studying a degree in Sports, Health and Physical Fitness.

    Gary is passionate about the role sports play in the wellbeing of people. He believes that enjoyment is the basis of participation as well as an environment of acceptance, personal challenge and growth are important and need to be safe guarded, particularly for children.