#050 Off the Pitch with Active: Sound of Music of youth sport, experts view on the best environment for youth to thrive in sport..

Mark O’Sullivan is helping me kicking of the 50th celebratory episode of “Off the Pitch with Active”.

To me he is an inspiration fueling my burning desire to help influence people to create a youth sport environment which Mark said in the opening “Meets the physical and emotional needs of children and youth”.

So, I put together this episode with a mixture of previous guests, who shared their view of the best possible environment for youth to thrive in sport. My question to them was “What is your Sound of Music of youth sport?”

You will love what they have to say.

Thanks for staying with me and supporting my journey to discover ideas on how to reduce the dropout rate in youth sport.


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44:14   min episode Compilation of clips from previous “Off the Pitch with Active” episodes.

00:00   Setting the scene for this unique episode including professional practitioners in sport.

05:40   Mark O’Sullivan, Close your eyes and listen, does it sound like children playing sport? (from ep#32)

08:19   Betsy Butterick, Coach driven, and Athlete centered. (from ep #37)

09:57   V.J Stanley, Never perfect, but Messy & Madness. (from ep #34)

11:54   Dr Josephine Perry, Kid & coach doing a high five because of the pride the child felt after a personal achievement. (from ep #43)

13:31   Dr. Jess Garza, Roller coaster of children being in the state of flow.

(from ep #47)

15:01   Hernan Chousa, Be patient and listen. (from ep #38)

17:07   Julie M Stamm Ph.D, No specialization, need to be enjoyable and not too serious. (from ep #45)

19:46   Joel Franco, Adults and kids working together. (from ep #33)

22:07   Richard Shorter, Understanding life-long involvement in sport. (from ep #31)

25:31   Matt Young, Any environment which provide a great experience for as many as possible for as long as possible in the best environment as possible.

(from ep #36)

27:03   Paige E. Roberts LCSW LICSWA CBP CLT, A coach that listens.

(from ep #39)

28:09   Lucy Benn, Better uniforms for girls so they feel less conscious about their body image. (from ep #42)

29:15   Michael Wallsbeck, fun and embrace diversity in people. (from ep #30)

30:12   Emma Doyle, Collaborate to build the curiosity muscles. (from ep #46)

33:01   Johan Fallby, Seeing an athlete finding their Sound of Music in sport.

(from ep #44)

36:45   Vickie Simos, Nurturing collaborative team environment. (from ep #49)

40:16   Sean Douglas, Inspire them to play independently from you. (from ep #48)

42:01   Closing summary and action points.


List of filmmusic.io played during the episode;

Fantastic World by WinnieTheMoog

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Main Theme (The Grand Score) by Alexander Nakarada

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Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende®

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