“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.


Active#011: Interview with Christian Sotira-The dream is alive, but WOW, the journey is not a straight road!

37:00 minutes podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affect our children. Reed is one of my mentors.

Never Lose Sight of Your Passion and Dreams was the headline of my interview with 16-year old Christian Sotira and his parents, Sergio & Adriana and sister Alessia, in July 2017.

Now living in Italy, I caught up with Christian while on holiday in Australia. We had a chat about the difference between Australia and Italy from a football perspective. We covered many aspects of his lifestyle in a compound with 20 other players, training styles and the mental challenges living in this environment.

How is it to compete with 7 other players for in position in the team and only find out if you play the day before? Christian talk about how he deals with this and how some of the team mates relationships got affected.


If you love football, you will enjoy this interview.



Technical issues has caused this podcast to be on hold for the moment.