“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

Active#031: Interview with Richard Shorter, founder of Non-Perfect Dad

54:33 minutes podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affect our children.

The sports world is a high-pressure environment, Richard’s skills and experience mean he is able to probe the tough issues and challenges parents and coaches face, without being judge mental or pushy. He delivered parent engagement strategy support, sports-parent meetings and coaches CPD on working with parents for:

  • Three National Governing Bodies; (England Rugby U18 Boys & Girls, England Hockey U16 & U18 Boys and Girls and England Cricket Board)
  • A number of the UK’s top professional sports teams in their academy system. (Including Saracens, Essex County Cricket, Newcastle Falcons & Somerset County Cricket.)
  • The countries top independent schools, (Including Millfield and Millfield Prep & Trinity Croydon.)


20 years of working with parents which includes:

  • Worked as a youth worker for the local authority
  • Delivered numerous parenting courses for the local authority
  • Provided one-to-one parenting support for multiple statutory agencies
  • Lectured at several universities, teaching trainee social work students about effective strategies for working with families
  • Worked in various roles for two churches
  • Coached and encouraged people from a wide range of backgrounds, faiths and life experiences
  • Worked with and spoken at many schools across all ages
  • Public speaking in many contexts (from skateparks to funerals and everything in-between.)


  • Honours degree in Community and Youth Studies (St Martins, Lancaster)
  • Honours degree in Theology (University of Wales)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching from A R Training
  • Facilitator for ‘Strengthening families, strengthening communities’ parenting program
  • Facilitator for ‘Strengthening families’ 10-14 parenting course


54:33   min episode

03:15   Richard Shorter’s Bio

05:20   Richard talks about his background

09:00   Home to be the harbor for children, and open and honesty is important part of communication at home.

16:15   We discuss when children get identified more for their sport rather than them as human.

24:10   Coaches needs compassion and better parent engagements, and if they coach their own children allow their children to give feedback without being defensive.

30:10   How can parent support their children during selection time?

40:45   How can play games with parents in a club help parents related to their children’s sporting world to keep it in perspective.

48:15   Non-perfect Dad’s vision of the perfect youth sport environment.


Web: https://non-perfectdad.co.uk/

Twitter: @nonperfectdad

Facebook: @Non-perfect dad