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Active#041: Part 2 of the interview with VJ Stanley, Balanced Excellence about puberty & sport

39:59 minutes podcast.

Welcome to part 2 and the last part of this amazing conversation with VJ Stanley, Balanced Excellence, author, mentor, who council’s mental health techniques to excel in sport & life.
In this episode we continue the conversation from ep40 about puberty and sport. If you have not heard part 1, I recommend you listen that episode first as some references may not make sense otherwise.

VJ Stanley was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school and won the school’s first ever Leadership Award as an athlete, VJ won the high school hockey league scoring title as a junior and was a First All-Star Selection. In his senior year, he received Second All-Star Honors and also played junior hockey for the Rochester Monarchs. He went on to play hockey at Clarkson University, where he sustained two concussions in one week, which ended his career after only one game.

VJ founded Balanced Excellence as an answer to his family’s and friends’ constant questions about the stress associated with their children’s participation in youth sports. The company is based on Science, Psychology and data

He is an author of 4 books “Stop the Tsunami in youth sport”, “Less is more”, “talented athletes” and his latest “Does your mind, mind what you are doing to your body”. 

His latest presentation, “Creating the Championship Mindset”, has been endorsed nationally by Lou Vairo, the 1984 US Olympic Men’s Hockey Coach and USA Hockey Hall of Famer

He has been on numerous TV shows and podcasts, he also produced a documentary “Frozen shorts” addressing issues in youth sport.


39:59 min episode part 2
01:15 Brief intro before we continue our conversation about puberty and sport. I am also flagging an amazing gift from VJ so stay tuned in until the end.
2:12 Moving on in ages when V.J unpack “You don’t play the best players, you play the best players plying their best”
7:35 Playing up age groups
15:15 Fundamentals in all sport REST-BALANCE-FUN
16:31 How fragile is a teens confidence?
21:29 How can a senior coach help a teen who is playing up?
25:20 V.J’s version of “Sound of music” in youth sport.
26:39 Is free play the answer to learning?
32:26 V.J talks about the books he authored

Frozen short documentary video


Does your mind, mind what you are doing to your body

Download your free copy of V.J Stanleys latest e-books here. Awesome resource for  parents and coaches.

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