It is well documented: Autonomy, Competence & Belonging are basic human factors needed in sport and life.

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Marcos Flores: Yellow for Yelling Ambassador and Ex Pro Football Player, Johnny Warren MVP A-League 2010/11

It is with absolute pleasure, we welcome Marcos Flores to the Yellow for Yelling team.

"I proudly support Yellow for Yelling on their vision of creating the best possible environment for children, a place where they can express and learn the game by joy, respect and love. I love this game and want them to play smiling"

Marcos Flores 2019



Ken Willner's time on the sideline as a photographer exposed him to some alarming coaching & parent behaviour. He became increasingly frustrated when seeing confused children stop having fun because of parents yelling and giving different instructions to the coach or shouting at young officials for making the wrong call.

He wanted to learn more about adult and child interaction in sport and how negative behaviours of adults affected children. His research connected him with several global studies, including sport scientists and psychologists who are highly educated in coaching club sports.

Photo: Coach Max Grasselli, a young up & coming coach with the right attitude, believing in Yellow for Yelling and kid's.


Problem: 72000 quit football in Australia in ages between 12-14 & 15-17 according to the 2019 AusPlay report.

It is well documented in the media all over the world, parents yelling on the sidelines results in too many children leaving organised sport.

In a study commissioned by the 3 largest soccer clubs in Stockholm, Sweden revealed that 1 out of 3 children considered leaving soccer and 83% of parents said they had seen parents who were pushing their children too much or criticise young referees and officials.


A study in Denmark and another in the USA tell similar stories.

Media in Australia has reported disturbance amongst coaches and parents during junior games in many different sporting codes. In some cases Police were called, and a NSWRL club is backing hiring of security guards for Sunday games. There are several articles in the media (AGGRESSION in kids sport has reached toxic levels) so it is hard to argue that Australia is doing it better. This was in the media recently

Watch a recent 4 min episode of Ch 7 TV Todaytonight show HERE




FIFA and 2019 World Mental Health Day:  “Education and openness crucial for better mental health in football “.


Australian Sports Commission: Aspiration for Australian sport in 2036.


2021 Strategic Plan – SA Office of Recreation, Sport & Racing: Develop capacity and capability in “behaviours that support good leadership and decision making”.



An environment where children are attracted to play, keep playing sports and enjoy the experience of learning and developing a passion for sport and life.



Key ideas

The Yellow for Yelling program have three pillars. These benefit ages 6-17 in sport, their parents and their coaches. These allow them to thrive and develop a lifetime passion for sport. Each pillar enriches the other pillars in creative and flexible ways. The content of the curriculum is strengthened for the main beneficiary ages 6-17.

Together, the three pillars form a framework of disciplinary knowledge. It develops young people’s intrinsic motivation, resilience, mental health, humility, courage & commitment.

The program aims to increase the level of enjoyment, achievement and personal development. People who take part in the program will enrich their experience in junior sport.

The program aligns with FFA priorities;

  • National Club Development Program (2020)
  • Women’s Football Development Guide (2017)
  • Complement Miniroos (4-11 years) in schools

Also check out the "Off the Pitch with Active" Podcast Series featuring interviews with professional coaches, educators, authors of books, sport & child psychologists and much more.

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This is to help families with recommendations from professionals to accelerate their children’s development in sport and build confidence.

Research shows that 3 out of 4 children quit sports in adolescence. These blogs provide a different approach on how the youth sports environment can improve.

If you are like me and don’t have a degree in teaching, you will learn too.

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Off the Pitch with Active


Also available on iTune, this Podcast Series features International Speakers, TEDx Presenters, Authors of books, Sport Scientists, Teachers, Coaches and Parents.

Key topic: Parenting/Coaching children in Sport.

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Recommended videos


Some of us are visual learners, so we have put together some great videos made by specialists in their field of Sport Science, Neuroscience, Teaching and other areas related to youth sport and learning.

It answers questions such as;

  • Why kid's play and why they quit?
  • How do we learn?



You don't need a high IQ to pick up some ideas, you just need an open mind.

There are no technical training drills in this program, instead sound suggestions on how to create a better environment for our children in sport. One on One chat, Team talk or presentation.