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You don't need a high IQ to pick up some ideas, you just need an open mind.

There are no technical training drills in this program, instead sound suggestions on how to create a better environment for our children in sport

Who are the resources for?

  • Sporting Clubs & Community Organisations
  • Officials
  • Schools
  • Teachers / Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Parents

Scientific to the Core

The core of the Yellow for Yelling Presentation is provided under License by Working with Parents in Sport.

The presentation and information package has been developed by Gordon MacLelland (CEO WWPIS), BA/Hons Sports Science and PGCE for coaches and parents of children in sport.

Gordon and Ken (founder of Yellow for Yelling) share the passion of creating the right environment for children in sport. Thus, they have created a strong relationship. This relationship started back in 2017 and has become a critical force expanding the Yellow for Yelling program.

This is available for schools and sporting organisations in Australia, recognising the value it provides. Most large organisations and clubs are conscious about promoting high standards and values in the community which foster a great learning environment for children. This program is an excellent opportunity to instill those values.


Parent and coach education to suit YOUR needs.

  • Mindfulness Accountability Program
  • Self Determination Theory (SDT) for Team meetings & Training Design
  • Educational Programs for coaches and parents
  • The famous Yellow for Yelling cards (the disruptive link between the sideline and information)
  • "Off the Pitch with Active" Podcasts
  • Exclusive Membership (Working with Parents in Sport)
  • Books
  • Videos
  • "Sideline Value" Signage for club rooms and venues

Starter Pack & Premium Membership


Gordon MacLelland’ is the author of “Sporting Parents Do’s & Don'ts”. A special edition of this 50-page Pocket Guide (scroll down for details) are available for purchase through Active Illustrated.

The purchase of this great pocket book for parents will also provide access to the Premium Members area of the Working With Parents In Sport website.


This exclusive material in the membership area has been written especially for sporting parents by Nino Severino, the former British No 1 Tennis coach and member of Team GB 2012 Olympic Tennis coaching team. It covers many specialist areas including nutrition, strength and conditioning, mindset and injury prevention to name just a few and has been specifically written to help support parents and athlete.
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Looking for ideas on how you can support your child better?

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This 50 page pocket guide by Gordon MacLelland is written for YOU

You do want your child to enjoy and if possible, excel at sport, but you don't want to be one of "those" parents. The one that other parents avoid on the sideline. The one that is embarrassment for their child and for themselves.

You want to be supportive, encouraging and the type of parent whose child runs to you joyfully at the end of the match, regardless of the result.

The Do's & Don'ts in this book just might help you be the sporting parent you want to be.

What do I do next?

Yellow for Yelling


This is to help families with recommendations from professionals to accelerate their children’s development in sport and build confidence.

Research shows that 3 out of 4 children quit sports in adolescence. These blogs provide a different approach on how the youth sports environment can improve.

If you are like me and don’t have a degree in teaching, you will learn too.

What are you waiting for?

Off the Pitch with Active


Also available on iTune, this Podcast Series features International Speakers, TEDx Presenters, Sport Scientists, Teachers, Coaches and Parents.

Key topic: Parenting/Coaching children in Sport.

Easy way of getting great information from specialists while driving, cleaning or exercising.



Recommended videos


Some of us are visual learners, so we have put together some great videos made by specialists in their field of Sport Science, Neuroscience, Teaching and other areas related to youth sport and learning.

It answers questions such as;

  • Why kid's play and why they quit?
  • How do we learn?
  • What can we parents do?


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photo: Two parents playing Jenga to illustrated some great points on how children feel when parents yell instructions.

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