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Thank you for the session,

I found it was informative and it raised some good topics as well as questions for discussion. I enjoyed that it was more a session that we could all contribute to getting various perspectives.

I think this sort of thing would be beneficial for parents, coaches and players as it covers aspects that affect all of them and can bring light on how certain behaviours affect and have a flow on effect on everyone, but most importantly the kids.

Martin Lara, Miniroos Coach

Hi Ken,

The session talks about what is needed to support and groom young individuals in all the sports that they’re in the PROPER way. It details what are the ideal ways of how to coach them, it sets guidelines for parents on realistic expectations from them when they invest on their kids through sports and most importantly, it discusses why kids get into sports and stay in it which is simply, just having fun.

Robert Protacio, Miniroos Coach

What you do for the sport Ken is amazing, your presentation hit home and made me realise its about having fun with the kids which will make me a better coach along the way.

Thank You

Chad Quinn, Miniroos Coach
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