#048 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Sean Douglas, E-Learning Development Manager at Oceania Football Confederation

Sean has a keen interest in helping coaches learn. He holds an AFC/FFA Pro Diploma, but also has a passion for continual learning, which has included a Masters of Coaching (University of Queensland), and training as a Master Coach Developer through the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Coach Developer Academy.

Sean has been involved in Coach Development for over 16 years, helping coaches / organisations in different countries and sports. He has a playing background at a professional and international level, and has coached at national level, and with various international age group teams. Despite this experience at a high level, he highlights working (early in his coaching career) as a full-time coach in a community club, coaching 12 sessions every week from U9’s to Seniors, as his best learning moments.

5 years Director of Football in NZ

2 Years Technical Director Football Victoria

7 years National Coach Educator Football Australia

Since July 2019 and current FIFA Technical Expert

Since Jan 2021 E-Learning Development Manager


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55:30   min episode

02:58   Introducing Sean and some of his experiences in football as a player and then as a coach.

07:56   Sean talks about his background with a lot of free play and what lead him to do what he does today.

14:13   How has culture changed in sport and how what should coach education look like today?

25:43   What can we learn from Norway and Iceland and other leading countries? Are we listening to what kids want?

33:43   Key to growth is retention not recruitment.

37:33   Defining cultures from different countries to adapt coach training.

41:48   A second “Golden Generation”, a dream or possibility?

45:13   Sean describes hi version of “Sound of Music” in youth sport

49:43   Wrapping up with loyalty and how to connect with Sean


Web:  https://www.oceaniafootball.com/

Web: https://www.ofclearn.com

LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-douglas-7238b5204