#052 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Helen Connolly, SA Commissioner for Children & young people

Helen Connolly became South Australia’s first Commissioner for Children and Young People in April 2017.  The position was established under the Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Act 2016.  The Commissioner promotes and advocates for the rights, development and wellbeing of all children and young people in South Australia, with a special focus to engage with and listen to children who aren’t usually heard.

Helen has 30 years’ experience as a leader in human services.  Throughout her career, Helen has taken an active advocacy role on the main policy issues that impact on the wellbeing of Australian families and children, with a strong focus on early intervention and prevention strategies.

Today we will talk about her recent report “More than a game-What do children & young people think about sport”


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50:06   min episode

2:45     Introduction

5:00     The role of SA Commissioner for children and young people.

8:15     A brief about Helen Connolly’s background as a young participant.

10:05   Background to the report “More than a game-What do children and young people think about sport”

15:35   The great “cliff” around age 12-Are we connecting?

17:45   Youths perception of sport. Not what we adult think.

22:23   Does sport provide flexibility?

30:47   5 top things children and youth think about sport and the not so good things

42:45   What action can, parents, coaches, clubs and governing bodies take?

46:00   Helen Connolly’s version of Sound of music in youth sport and wrapping up.