#055 Off the Pitch with Active: Part 2 Interview with Chris Adams, Football manager at Northern Suburb Football Association, Sydney

This is part 2 of a conversation I had with Chris towards the end of 2022. If you haven’t heard it yet, go to episode 53 to make full sense of our discussion in this episode.

Chris is an experienced coach developer and football administrator with over 10 years’ experience in grassroots football programs working with member federations in Australia, NPL clubs and associations in both Western Australia and NSW.

Chris is passionate for how we rethink grassroots football as we look to cater for players of all abilities.


AFC/FFA level 1 GK coach

FFA Community coach educator

AFC/FFA C Lic instructor

AFC/FFA B Lic instructor

Today we talk about club culture of youth in football.


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36:42   min episode

02:30   introduction

03:45   Continuing our conversation from episode 53, we kick off with club culture.

09:00   Being a member of the club or member of the team. How do you make them feel?

14:01   Organised sport needs to be more flexible.

20:00   Can we bring organized sport and unorganized sport closer together, where kids play more on their terms?

23:35   More effort into grassroots coach education and allowing kids voices to be heard.

31:35   Chris version of “Sound of music” in youth sport.

Chris Adams


LinkedIn: Chris Adams