#056 Off the Pitch with Active: Jazlyn Pipkins, Founder & CEO of Jazleticz LLC Sports. Author, trainer and holistic health coach, mentor

Jazlyn is another refreshing young achiever in the space of youth sport.

She is a Health Coach and Personal trainer who graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Sports Science and Associates in Business Administration.

In 2015, she converted her life to Christ and began to discover her personal call, purpose, and God’s plan for her life. She has a passion for people and loves to mentor and support young lives. She has a desire to empower others to develop their relationship with Christ and discover their-God-Given gifts and talents. Jazlyn is proficient at helping others reach their goals and obtain success spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally.

Jazlyn is the youngest female in her community to own a Athletics training & Mentorship Ministry, Jazletic. She began Jazletic six years ago with one client. Today she has helped over 400 athletes dominate their new levels of their careers by improving their mindset and skillset.


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54:38   min episode

03:09   Introducing Jazlyn

06:00   Jazlyn’s multi-sport background

09:02   Jazlyn sharing experience about her mental state in sport. The conversation then moves into the mental side amongst youth in sport.

25:52   Many high achieving young athletes feel difficulties coping with the world. Not even parents know this about their own children.

27:52   Great advice to parent coaches.

36:17   Useful tips about mental preparation.

47:10   Jazlyn’s “Sound of Music moment in youth sport”

52:30   Wrapping up

Jazlyn Pipkins


Web: Jazleticz

YouTube: Jazlyn Pipkin

LinkedIn: Jazlyn Pipkin

Facebook: Jazlyn Pipkin