#058 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with J.P. Nerbun, bestselling author, leadership coach and founder of TOC Culture consulting.

J.P. Nerbun is a bestselling author, leadership coach, and founder of TOC Culture Consulting, a leading global sports-consulting and leadership coaching business. His mission is to support leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential through 1:1 coaching, consulting, and community.

Nerbun's impressive scope spans across sports, education, healthcare, and business, with a proven track record of guiding leaders at esteemed institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Texas, the USGA, PWC, and Chick-Fil-A.

In 2019, he published his first book, Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership, which has received critical acclaim. In 2022, he published The Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture, a groundbreaking book offering a framework for developing team culture.

In 2023, he launched The Culture System Online Training Platform, which has been praised for being one of the most applicable online coach educations available.  His podcast, Coaching Culture, is one of the top sports leadership podcasts globally. Nerbun lives in Ireland with his wife and their three children.

Today we talk around his latest book “Sports Parent Solution.


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48:00   min episode

2:47     Introducing J.P Nerbun.

4:33     Interesting background.

8:10     Why he wrote this book and some background stories.

13:34   Connecting with parents.

17:23   Parent experience-how do you create it?

21:50   transformational leadership-What does it mean to parents?

26:34   J.P discussing a way of adapting and also influencing culture change.

28:50   How to deal with painful experiences.

32:20   Curiosity and vulnerability

35:50   How to connect with parents 1 on 1

40:45   J.P’s “Sound of music moment” in sport

43:30   Wrapping up

J.P Nerbun


Book: Sports Parent Solution


Web:  https://www.tocculture.com

LinkedIn: JP Nerbun