#043 Off the Pitch with Active: Dr. Josie Perry

Dr Josephine Perry is a chartered psychologist working with those in sport and on the stage and in business to help them overcome their barriers to success, so they can achieve their goals.

Josephine has a background in communications and behaviour change, having worked for many years in journalism, marketing, public relations and crisis communications across private corporations and government. She has a MSc in Communications, a MSc in Psychology and a MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She also has a PhD in Political Communications.

Josephine run “Performance in Mind”, a performance psychology consultancy. Based in London but working worldwide, to help you find your why and identify your values so you can overcome those barriers that sport, high performance, and life throw at us.

She is the author of 3 books, she is with me today to discuss aspects of her latest book. “I can-The teenage athlete’s guide to mental fitness”.


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54:26   min episode

02:26   Introducing Dr. Josie Perry and her new book “I can-The teenage athlete’s guide to mental fitness” as well as her journey to become a sport psychologist.

10:25   The power of smiling.

15:21   Goal setting in early years and ownership.

19:10   Motivation to play, what is some of the research showing.

24:40   Mental agility - what is toughness and how do we develop our youth in this area. You will be surprised to hear what Josie say about this.

31:40   What about focus in the different age groups. How long shall we expect our youth to focus on learning in training? What can they remember?

42:20   Emotions-We all got it, but how do we deal with it? What is your habit and treat zone? Josie helps us unpack a fresh perspective on how to cope.

49:45   Josie’s Sound of Music version of youth sport and wrap up.