#044 Off the Pitch with Active: Johan Fallby

Johan is an ex professional table tennis player, representing his country Sweden. After being a sport psychologist in FC Kopenhagen and Djurgarden IF, 2 professional soccer clubs, he spent 10 years being responsible for sport psychology in Swedish FA.

During this time, he also worked on special projects with Swedish Olympic Committee and other key sporting bodies in Sweden. Johan has presented to over 100,000 people in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Today we talk around his book “Gor det better sjalv” (Do it better yourself) which unfortunately at this stage is only available in Swedish. However, like most of us Swedes we speak SweEnglish and we will cover important aspects of what we adults should consider to help our children in sport.


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76:31   min episode

02:44   Introducing Johan Fallby

05:00   Who is sport psychologist Johan Fallby and what is his background?

08:48   Swedish Football code, survival of the best or participation; who wins & who should act?

20:20   What was the reason behind Johan’s book “Do it better yourself if you can” and why should parent learn more about a healthy youth sport environment?

26:45   We discuss the fine line about being present but not controlling. What does it mean? And how has Johan’s children impacted him?

35:14   What can we learn from skateboard parks and what do we need to consider shaping youth sport for the future.

40:40   Back to Johan’s book discussing levels of parent engagements and the challenging road ahead.

48:20   How can we balance technical versus more psychology in training and deal with mental challenges?

50:50   How to build intrinsic motivation in a “Netflix youth Generation”?

60:01   What is the mental impact (positively and negatively) in sport.

64:30   What is Johan’s “Sound of music” in youth sport.