#046 Off the Pitch with Active: Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is a Performance Coach and international speaker helping you turn your motivation into activation. She has been coaching for 30 years and through her keynote speaking, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy she inspires, improves, and impacts players, coaches, teams, and corporates within her Global triangle between Melbourne, Australia, Denver, Colorado and Glasgow, Scotland.

She is a Tennis Australia High-Performance Coach with a strong background as a tennis touring professional, a talent development coach and she has represented her native Country as the Australian coach on 20 occasions winning four Asia Oceania world team titles (2018 - Junior Fed Cup Captain). She provides practical coaching tools for heightened self-awareness in how to use your language and strengthen your inner voice. She specialises in helping people to develop a high performing mindset, enhance confidence, and how to access emotional intelligence for authentic relationships. 


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43:23   length

00:00  Podcast intro

02:06   Introducing Emma Doyle.

03:49   Emma chat about her background and what lead her to her passion and purpose in performance coaching.

07:59   Discuss Emma’s TEDx talk about engagement and Girl Power Camps.

16:41   What is the energy signature in your club?

20:27   The world of curiosity.

25:11   C.A.T strategy

31:25   Emma’s “Sound of Music” in youth sport.

37:20   wrapping up with some gems.



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Complimentary Resource for parents

Emma has been very kind to add this for parents. If you enjoyed the episode, you will value this.

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