#051 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Sasha Graham, Author of Tiny Ninja Books

Sasha Graham is the founder of Tiny Ninja Books and is the author of Milo Does Not Like Mornings and Whitney Wins Everything. Sasha is a former executive at the Walt Disney Studios and her writing has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Sasha lives with her husband Alan in beautiful Arizona where they encourage each other, and their children, Finn, Indy & Odessa, to always listen to their Tiny Ninjas.

In this episode we talk about her book “Whitney Wins Everything” and the importance of storie telling to engage children.

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27:20   min episode

02:30   Introducing Author Sasha Graham

05:30   Sasha’s background

09:00   A quick snapshot behind Disney animation to create characters-It’s all about the emotions and story.

12:37   The background story about Tiny Ninjas and Whitney’s story

19:47   What does the future look like for Tiny Ninjas?

20:53   Sasha’s Sound of Music youth sport moment

22:01   Listen to your kids

23:08   Wrapping up and next step

Tiny Ninjas


Web:  www.TinyNinjaBooks.com

Book Link: Amazon