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These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

Active#021: Interview with Ruth E. Nicholson, Co-creator of 2019 Go! Chase Excellence Think Tank to improve youth sport with Reed Maltbie

60 minutes podcast.

Ruth Nicholson is an internationally-certified professional facilitator, mediator, and organizational alchemist. She specializes in helping clubs design board processes and club operations to provide more effective support to coaches, teams, and players. Ruth is also the co-creator of the 2019 GO! Chase Excellence Think Tank to Improve Youth Sports which engaged nearly 200 people from two dozen sports. The online event offered more than 80 solution-focused sessions and 61 speakers from five continents.

In 2018, Ruth was one of four national finalists in for the Innovator of the Year award in the US, based on her development of the GO! Resource and training platform. GO! Offers youth sports organizations proven governance, leadership, and administrative tools. Since its launch in mid-2017, Ruth has fielded inquiries and worked with coaches, clubs, associations, and leagues in 19 North American states and provinces, as well as others in Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.

See www.GoHelpSports.com


60:15 min episode Overview:

2:00   Ruth Nicholson Bio

6:56   You will be amazed to hear what Ruth is talking about when she explains the reasons why she is working in this space and what she does.

14:02 Good communication model for a youth sport organization.

25:15 Who is the Alpha Dog in your club and are you an Alpha Dog?

31:45 Creating culture

40:15 Going slow to go fast and how to handle complaints

49:15 Ruth discusses some of the biggest challenges in youth sport

54:08 Knowing your why

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Facebook: @Ruth E. Nicholson

Twitter: @renicholson