“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.


Active #025: Interview with Reed Maltbie

47:30 minutes podcast. This is the 2nd chat with Reed.

Reed Maltbie does not really need an introduction, he is a Mentor in youth sport and coaching. With two Masters degrees, one in Early Childhood Learning & one in Sports Psychology, Reed understand children and what is going on in their brains while growing up to become adults.

He was the content provider and producer of the succesful “Way of Champions” Podcast hosted by John O’Sullivan. He is the Creator of “Coaching code” podcast & Raising Excellence, He did the TEDx talk “Echoes beyond the game” which is a must watch if you are a coach or parent. Co-Creator of Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches with Dr. Jane Nelson and Cofounder of the brilliant GO! Raise Excellence Think Tank to improve youth sport with Ruth Nicholson.

He is also one of the Coaching Mentors with Player Development Project here in Australia. I can go on, but let’s hear it directly from him.

Apply this to your coaching and your athletes will soar.

47:30   min episode Overview:

02:15   Reed Maltbie brief bio and explains his current projects; Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches, helping coaches communicate better with young athletes & REALM.

10:15   3 REALM Accountability areas

16:53   Writing good software code into children’s brain. No! children are not computers, but Reed’s analogy paints a great verbal image of how we, coaches, can build or ruin an athlete mentally by the words we use.

30:25   Youth Sport is a marathon so be patient.

37:35   Can you identify burn-out in an early age, if so how?

43:10   Closing comments and announcing Reed’s visit to Australia in February 2020




Twitter: @Coach_Reed

Facebook: @Raising Exellence with Coach Reed

Reed Maltbies TEDx talk “Echoes beyond the game” TEDx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRXQs0K6ls