“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.


#028: Interview with Ben Galloway, Academic and the mind behind Opposite Direction YouTube channel

1:12:57 minutes podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affect our children.

Ben is a young football coach based in Brisbane, Australia. Just off the back on spending the last 9 months in Uganda, East Africa working at a football academy called Football for Good. Currently studying a masters at the Queensland University of Technology and the tutelage of Ian Renshaw and Brendan Moy. He runs a YouTube channel, ‘Opposite Direction’ making short educational videos about coaching and some theoretical ideas that may underpin coaching. Ben puts a lot of his understanding and knowledge down to the people he has connected with and been influenced by during his coaching journey. ‘I am because we are!’




03:15   Introduction and background

10:48   Ben talks about his experience in Uganda

15:30   With so many new terms and learning theories emerging in coaching, is one better than another?

21:00   Ecological psychology-Perception Action Coupling; a new emerging motor learning theory in line with Non-Linear Pedagogy.

26:30   Representative learning, what is it?

38:30   Human experience, does your players enjoy

52:02   Grassroots coaching a sport you don’t know, how?

58:10   How does free play fit in.

1:11:15 Closing

Contact: ben.opositedirection@gmail.com

Twitter: @ben_galloway8

YouTube: https://youtu.be/JdUCRiabDm8