“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents, coaches and administrators to accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

Active#039: Interview with Paige E. Roberts LCSW LICSWA CBP CLT, Clinical Sports Neuro Psychologist – Peak Performance – Neurohacker

56:18 minutes podcast. One of my most challenging episodes learning more about our childrens/teens brain.

Paige is a sports and fitness enthusiast. She uses a process called Performance Neuro Training which is a combination of sports psychology, Brainspotting, and hot & cold photobiomodulation laser-light therapy.

Her current practice philosophy combines a variety of techniques including clinical social work, exercise and neuroscience, and health and wellness lifestyle coaching. Through this process she provides sports injury intensive recovery sessions, and sports and life performance coaching.

She is currently assisting athletes all over the world ranging from youth, teen, NCAA, USA National Athletes, MMA, NFL, MLB, NHL and weekend warriors in reaching their full sports and life performance potential!


Doctorate of Internal Medicine Quantum University Honolulu, Hawaii (IMD & PhD 2020).

  • Masters of Social Work Colorado State University Fort Collins Colorado

(Advanced Generalist 2010- 2013).

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: Colorado Mesa University, (Human Performance and Wellness: Exercise Science 2003-2005).

You will love this episode as Paige paints a picture of something we can’t see “what is going on in the brain of our kids/teens”


56:18 min episode

02:16   Introducing Paige and she talks about her early trauma and experimenting with what would make her happy in life.

10:25   Destressing your body and nervous system.

15:25   Let’s understand a little bit more about the brain in the context of youth sport. What role is diet playing?

22:35   What is going on in kids/teens head in state of flow and what do they need to hear.

26:25   What should coaches be mindful of?

33:50   Warm up routines which positively impacting your players mind and nervous system. Challenge of the day; contact Ken or Paige if you are in!

41:25   What can we do when our players feeling sad? Will their feelings go away when you tell them to ignore these feelings and instead focus on the task at training?

45:54   What is happening when asking questions instead of giving instruction.

52:05   Paige version of “Sound of Music” in youth sport and wrap up.

Contact Paige:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SKITOWNPSYCH

FaceBook: On Point Performance Neuro Training – Home | Facebook

Instagram: Paige Roberts LCSW LICSW CLT (@sportspsychpaige) • Instagram photos and videos

LinkedIn:  Paige E. Roberts LCSW LICSW CLT CBP – Founder & Clinician – Paige Roberts Performance Neuro Training | LinkedIn