“Off the Pitch with Active”

These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

Ken Willner

Active#001: A way for parents with children in sport to learn more-Introduction

25th Jan 2018 by Ken Willner


In the first 16 minutes episode of “Off the Pitch with Active”, host Ken talks about the reason behind the show and what listeners can expect. It features snippets from interviews with:

Gordon MacLelland, Sport scientist and qualified teacher and CEO of Working with Parents in Sport.

Michael Matricciani, High Performance Coach Australian College of Sport-Football, Head Coach NTC Girls & Owner Soccajoyes.

John O’Sullivan, Author of 3 books, International Speaker including TEDx talk, Founder of Changing the Game Project and host of “Way of Champions”

Trevor Ragan, Founder of TrainUgly. He seeks out the scientists and thought leaders in the world of development and learning, he connects the dots and shares with anyone who will listen.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser, Author and host of End Bullying & Abuse in Sport Summit


#001 Episode

0 min: Host Ken Willner, Active Illustrated explain what the “Off the Pitch with Active” podcast is all about. This is followed by short snippets from interviews which are coming up

4:28 min: Gordon MacLelland, WWPIS, if we parents can make smaller changes it is worth it.

6:00 min: Michael Matricciani, ACS talks about an incident in his professional career in football

8:50 min: John O’Sullivan, Changing the Game Projects talks about Dr. Amanda Visek’s work why kids play sport and that 70 out of 90 reasons why kids stop having fun is because of adult involvements

10:47 min: Trevor Ragan, Founder of TrainUgly talks about the core concept he uses when working with fortune 500 companies, professional sports clubs & schools

13:19 min: Dr. Jennifer Fraser, break down one aspect of neuron science about executive brain function in simple English. Great tool for any parents to know about their child’s development



In this podcast series, you will hear International sought after speakers, authors, sport scientists, psychologists, teachers, coaches, ex players, current players and families, talking about everything relating to youth sport and development. It is an excellent complement to the Yellow for Yelling program where parents, players and coaches has an opportunity to get fresh ideas to enhance their performance.

You find the podcast in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud and it would mean a world to all sporting kids if you share and like it in social media. The more downloads, the more kids will have a positive experience and hopefully remain playing for many, many, years to come.

“Off the Pitch with Active” podcast series will release one new episode every second week.

Until next episode, have a great sporting week!