These episodes are to help parents accelerate their children’s development and confidence in their sport by applying the recommendations from professionals, coaches and specialised educators.

Krzykowski family

Active#018 Off the Pitch with Active: Interview with Ryan Krzykowski, Director of Community for Coaches.

53:05 minute podcast. I have learned so much in my research into adult behaviours and how it affects our children.

Ryan has been Director of Community for Coaches since 2008, a group based in Kansas City that provides training and mentoring for athletic coaches at all levels of sport. 42 years old Married to Erica, four sons ranging from 18 to 10 years old. Teaching High School Math in addition to leading CFC. Raised in Southwest Florida, played many sports growing up and later played college (American) football at Yale University. He has coached many sports with children of all ages.

53:05 min

Overview of our conversation

0:00   Introduction to the show & Ryan Krzykowski

5:00   Ryans background in sport and teaching

7:32   Beginning of Community Coaching-Why are we coaching?

11:46 Sports fan mode or parent mode?

16:45 Winning in proper context, building up players and creating a learning opportunity.

34:33 Why do you coach and are you a good coach?

39:57 A strong push for environmental changes are brewing.

43:55 Coaches Purpose Statement


The book Ryan recommended by Joe Ehrmann, Inside out coaching Lives/dp/1439182981


To contact Ryan


Facebook @communityforcoaches

Twitter Handle: @CFC_KC